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March 27, 2010
► This year has started wonderfully!
...And I hope it keeps up.

From years of being bored in the house on my days off, this year struck a drastic change for me, in a positive way. The reason is because a co-worker has returned from Georgia recently, leaving an undesirable situation (I guess it's hard finding a good job there). She used to stay with another co-worker of mine, but I guess the lady decided that there wasn't enough room for her anymore. Well, long story short, she's lives with us, and it's been fun ever since.

I see she has taken a liking to Dynasty Warriors, considering everyone in the Wei army is maxed, and the game is near completion.

I haven't been on that much lately, and I guess that's good in a sense. If I'm not playing some video game, I'm usually at work or something. I haven't been making Personas for a while, and I found a few backgrounds that I could create Personas out of, but I just haven't the chance. Well, I'm going to try and make some later, I suppose. It's kinda boring now, since I'm the only one awake.

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