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January 22, 2010
► I didn't have a New Year's Resolution...
Well, at least not until now.

Not until after I realized how much clutter I'm surrounded in. I mean seriously. All these blank CDs? My CD/DVD burner conked out on me last year. Time to give that crap away. I have a Wacom tablet that I haven't even used, not to mention a whole bunch of random receipts and various papers stuffed in my purse. This apartment has carpet, so everything gets dusty within seconds of wiping the dust off. The only thing that's organized is my dresser. Lol, and I did that a few weeks ago. I have too many video game consoles out, and they need to be put away, and this big bag of art supplies that needs to go, since I hardly draw anything anymore. I don't want to throw it away, I would much rather give it to someone who'd use it. My cousin would, but his room is already the size of a matchbox, so to hell with that. Ughhh! Better think of something quick!

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